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Fine Art Scan Prices

How much does it cost to have your Fine Art photographed?

The first step in getting an art piece ready for Giclee or traditional printing is to get it photographed or scanned. Here are our basic Fine Art Scan prices. Note: Some projects don’t fit neatly into the little price boxes, so, before you make a decision, make sure you contact us to see if we can give you a price that better suits your budget!

Prices for Artist Packages:up to 12”X18” $100 12”X18” to 24”X36” $125 24”X36” to 30”X40” $150 Larger than 30”X40” $200
Prices for the Artist Packages
Prices for standard 30 MB Betterlight scans
Prices for Standard 30 MB Betterlight scans

What’s the Difference?

The Artist Packages include:Full resolution scan, guaranteed to be at least 100MB. All color correction required to accurately replicate the original within the limitations of the chosen materials’ color space. Digital versions of the full size files plus versions sized and optimized for full page ads, standard postcard, and for Internet use.
The Artist Package