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Fine Art Giclee Printing | a unique opportunity for the artist.

  • If your art career is in the doldrums because, tho there is a lot of enthusiastic interest in your work, the price for your originals is beyond your customer’s price range.
  • If a press run has neither the quality you expect nor the affordability that you need.
  • If you’re looking for a way to create new, original, unique art from a common starting place.
  • If you want excellent quality and still stay within a tight budget.
  • If you want to offer more prints of your work, carry no inventory, and have the lowest out of pocket investment….

Fine Art Giclee Printing is the answer

Priced between an original and an inexpensive poster.

A properly printed Giclee is considered a work of art in it’s own right. When properly handled and displayed, it will last for generations without visible fading. In fact the Archival Inkjet process is, perhaps, the most visually stable art reproduction method available. Your client will experience a lifetime of enjoyment of your work. How do you determine the selling price? Typically, a Fine Art Print will sell for at least twice what it costs and as much as 25% (or more) of the original’s price. That gives you a range, but it can be a very wide one.

Heres a few factors take into account:

  • How good are you? Perform a realistic review of your talent. How fast are your originals selling? If you sell everything you make as soon as it’s dry, you’re probably under priced, If you seldom sell an original, then perhaps you are overpriced.
  • How badly do you want to sell the print? Print sales can detract from sales of originals, especially if it’s a great reproduction at a bargain price.
  • What is the venue? Generally a gallery wants to sell originals and they are staffed and trained to do so. Many won’t even accept Giclee prints that haven’t been personalized- at least until the original has sold. On the other hand, a local art fair or Farmers Market is not the place to sell a $4000 24X36 original oil, but may be the perfect place to sell a lot of $60 12X18 paper pigment prints or $99 dollar 10X15 framed canvas prints.
  • Use to create new, unique versions of your original.

An often overlooked benefit to the Fine Art Giclee process, is the opportunity to Remarque the print. While this is most often done on canvas prints, it is certainly not limited to canvas, and also not constrained to simple touchups. So, whether you want the freedom to add highlights to a cloud or use the print as the base for a brand new encaustic masterpiece, the flexibility of giclee printing can be a constant inspiration to follow your muse!

Superior Quality, low cost of entry.

Offer more of your work as prints without huge cash outlay or massive inventory back up.