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Optimize it all!

The secret to a successful Internet presence with a high visibility, lies in an SEO strategy that is applied consistently throughout your Internet activities. We tend to think of long tail keywords, and LSI when we are constructing a webpage or writing a blog post. Now, I’ll be the first to agree that those situations cry out for the careful choosing of words … both to express your message to the humans that read it, and to positively register with those wonderful little bots that crawl the site’s content. Remember, the bots are our friends. Their job is to attempt to accurately categorize and rank both the site and its individual components. If we are doing our jobs correctly we will be producing quality content that more than deserves high rankings. Think of SEO as helping the technology to find and recognize what your happy readers already know!

In the last year or two, we have seen a major increase in the use and importance of Social Media. Services like twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have gained users at historic rates. No other communications system has grown in popularity with anything like the speed that these have. This popularity and importance has gone un-noticed by the folks at Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Search Engines are making major investments in time and treasure to tap into the information – the buzz – created by these social organizations or should we think of them as organisms?). If they are paying attention, shouldn’t we?

What to do right now…

As we’ve noted before, the Internet can read but it can’t see. Consequently, words are the currency of the web when dealing with its technology. Choose words purposefully.

Become intimately familiar with common keywords in your field. Practice using them in all your writing. The more second nature they become the better and more transparently you will be able to use them.
Revisit all your profiles. Rewrite them with you Keyword goals and strategies in mind.
Use keywords in your more important Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn posts. If you continually hammer a message at people, they will quickly turn away. If you save the power words for those posts you want to elicit a specific response, like visit a blog post, check out a sale, or the like, your message will be far more effective, and your other posts will seem much more sincere and indicative of the real you.
If write articles, make sure you optimize them for keywords, too.
Finally, don’t forget to use keywords when commenting on other people’s blogs too!

The central concept here is to get very familiar with the most productive keywords associated with the field you want to rank for. I’d suggest you become close friends with the Google AdWords Tool. It can provide a plethora of information in a very short time!

Above All…

have fun. Virtually any endeavor can be enjoyable if you are committed to make it so. Writing with an SEO strategy in mind is no exception. Good luck!